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Michael Belk: Profile associated with an Award-Winning Christian Photographer

Although Paris Fashion Week ended just a week ago, the show has still received reviews. The runways at Paris Fashion Week with big names like Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel, and Alexandra McQueen were packed with essentially the most remarkable footwear. Backless boots, butterfly-adorned sandals, and frilly-ankled stilettos were just few among footwear for season. There were fluoro sandals at Christian Dior, sleek sharp wedges at Yves Saint Laurent, metallic toe-capped boots at Alexander McQueen, and buttery soft ballet-pumps at Chloe. The following are just a few among 25 fabulous shoes of Paris Fashion Week.

Lawrence is featured inside Dior's third fashion campaign, showcasing fabulous looks; all shot by renowned photographer Patrick Demarchelier. From her nude lips for the sultry eyes and tousled hair, the Oscar winner and nominee just for this year's hit, 'American Hustle,' rocks clothes from your designer's spring 2014 women's collection, as well as the Miss Dior bag collection.

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